Keeping Busy

As many of us still have a lot more time on our hands, why not put it to good use?  It's not too late and as restrictions have eased only a little right now, there’s a huge amount of stuff out there to keep us busy. Here’s just a few ideas to ward off the boredom we may be experiencing after weeks of staying home. 

Learn something new

Now is a great time to get into online learning. Whether it’s to change or enhance your career once things are back on track or perhaps a new hobby that’s interested you for years but you’ve just never gotten around to doing; now’s the perfect opportunity.  Even simple pleasures like learning to crochet or knit (yes fellas, you can do this too) are a great way to keep the mind active.

Get a few jobs done

So, it may not sound like fun but imagine the satisfaction when those annoying little jobs on your to-do list are all done.  Paint a room in the house, build that something that you’ve been dreaming of or upcycle some furniture – the options are endless!


Something you can do alone, online with friends or with the family.  Get together (virtually as needed!) and have some fun.  Laugh and stay connected with your friends and family through games and play and build some memories to last a lifetime.  Maybe we’ll all think back on this strange time in our lives as being one of the best.


We’re all guilty of eating too much (endlessly staring at the fridge and grazing like cattle!) so one good thing to remember is to exercise!  There’s lots of online fitness content around now and some of it is free.  And, of course, don’t forget the great outdoors where you can still enjoy a run or walk (naturally, following all the social distancing rules).

Learn to cook or just keep-on cooking

Yeah, so it may undo all the good we’ve just touched on with not eating too much and exercising, but now is a great time to try out those more time-consuming recipes that you know are going to taste sensational!  It’s a great opportunity to cook with the kids too.  Simple fun dishes are fun for kids to learn the basics of cooking and it’s great for a little extra bonding time - which we all need more of now right ;)

So, hang in there, be kind and try to stay busy. We're just starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel and if we all continue to do the right thing, the sooner all of us can regain our freedoms!